Wolves have an ambition to lead the way in environmental sustainability, maximising the club’s positive pawprint in the city of Wolverhampton and globally.

In February 2023, Wolves unveiled the club’s new One Pack, One Planet programme, featuring four key commitments to environmental sustainability.

The campaign’s four headline commitments in full are:

  • Carbon | We will work towards becoming a net zero football club by 2040.
  • Waste | We will embrace a circular economy, minimising waste, and maximising reuse.
  • Nature | We will protect our natural environment and support a wilder future.
  • Culture | We’ll embed environmental sustainability across the club while engaging, educating and communicating around sustainability.

In January 2024, we published our first environmental sustainability report, one year on from the launch of One Pack, One Planet. The report highlights key achievements over the last 12 months and reinforces the club’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.