Nuno: There's no place in life or football for racism

Nuno Espirito Santo is hoping a Premier League campaign which he has been involved in can go some way in helping to eradicate racism from football.

One of the two BAME coaches in the top-flight of English football, the Wolves head coach responded to the reported racist abuse which was directed towards the England national team during their fixture against Montenegro last week.

As he also looked ahead to tomorrow’s Premier League clash with Burnley at Turf Moor, Nuno spoke about how he would like racism to be eliminated from the game.

On racism in football

“I’m aware what happened [regarding England in Montenegro]. There’s no space in life, as well as football, for racism. I think everybody should participate in ridding football of racism.

“Each and every one of us can do a little bit because there’s no space in life for this racism. There is no understanding for people who do it in the stadium, so let’s try to eliminate it and put an end to it.

“I have myself been involved in a video of the campaign of the Premier League and I hope it helps. In the video I said what I’m saying now, and as a campaign I hope it’s a success, and if we can eradicate it, then good.”

On Wolves selling out FA Cup semi-final tickets

“The fans are amazing. We are very pleased with that. We know that when the moment comes everybody’s going to be there and we will show up strong and try to compete, but this is not the moment to think about the FA Cup.

“We only focus on the next game; game-by-game, training session-by-training session. I hope the players continue to do it because I think it’s the best way to compete, don’t think ahead of us, only focus on the challenge ahead. It’s a belief.”

On the threat Burnley pose his side

“Burnley is a very good team, a physical, aggressive, well-organised team, and it will be a very tough game for us.

“We don’t think about their start to the season. We only look at the game and how we want to play and the things that we want to do against a very tough team, at home.

“I expect a tough game between two teams that compete well. I can only focus on myself and my players and the things that we want to do, and we are aware of how difficult it’s going to be tomorrow. We have to be 100 per cent switched on.

“The Premier League is a very tough competition, and for now, nothing is finished. We don’t pay attention to position of Burnley, what we focus on is the quality of the players, the idea of the game and the game that we expect tomorrow.”

On Raul Jimenez rumours

“We’re in the same situation as we were before. We know that we have time to make our decision and we’re very happy with Raul and his performances.

“Once things are done, it will be announced. I know that we have to make a decision, but the right moment will be when its announced.

“It’s not only Raul who has improved since the last Burnley game, I think since then the team has progressed, changed, adapted – many things. Since that game I think everybody has grown up and become better.”