Nuno excited for future after Anfield showing

Nuno Espirito Santo believes the positives on show at Anfield, after an incredible first season back in the Premier League, must be carried into the future by his Wolves team.

With seventh position already secured before the trip to Merseyside, the pressure was off Wolves, but it didn’t stop the visitors impressing and asking serious questions of the division’s runners-up. With the future an exciting one at Molinuex, Nuno was pleased his players signed off this campaign with a solid performance and is already looking forward to the fresh campaign.

On an impressive showing

“It was a tough game. I think we did good things, but we should have done better in some moments. I think we did a good performance, we had chances, we were organised, but we knew how hard it was.

“I was pleased with the performance, the way we did things. We went for the game, we had chances, Liverpool are a fantastic team, very difficult to play against, but we had a good go, and had good moments and chances.

“We need to be a little bit more clinical in the right moments, but it’s tough, we knew we’d face a tough opponent who’d prepared well for the game.”

On facing tough opponents

“We conceded two goals and it came from the talent of the opponent, and some adjustments that we didn’t do. The moment that Liverpool had a chance they scored, but we had control of the game for very long moments of the game, this is the idea, to play the same way no matter where and try to improve.

“I’m happy with the performance, not happy with the result of course, but it’s the day to look and be fair to everybody, we made a fantastic season.”

On looking ahead now

“I’m proud of the group, the commitment and belief of the players until the last minute, is what we want to create and build. The way we finished today is the way we want to start, trying to build and grow and improve the team.

“We look back at how good we’ve done and where we came from. We are improving, how we want to do things for the future is most important because tomorrow everybody has zero points. The table doesn’t mean anything.

“We’ll rest well and prepare well for next season. It’s an active rest, the boys will away with national teams and we come with the same idea, game by game, each training session at a time, trying to improve and build a good team.”

On the amazing travelling support

“We have to stick together because this way together we are stronger, we can go in every stadium as we go and just feel like home, like we are at Molineux and we cannot thank the fans enough. Thank you and let’s see again each other.”

On a thrilling title race

“They’ve both been incredible. The way they did it, both teams are amazing. It’s good for the Premier League, good for the country, and everyone who loves the game wants it until the last minute to see it and I hope the next one will be as good.

“It was an amazing fight, incredible job of both managers and both clubs. The title went to City, but the way Liverpool did it until the last minute was amazing. It’s good for the fans and now we start all over with zero points and everybody starts new.”