Wolves not looking for 'revenge', says Nuno

Wolves players will not be looking to exact ‘revenge’ on Watford following the FA Cup semi-final defeat at Wembley, according to Nuno Espirito Santo.

The head coach insists his players will be solely focused on their performance against the Hornets at Vicarage Road this afternoon and not what happened earlier in the month.

During his pre-match press conference, Nuno also spoke about his side looking to improve their performances away from Molineux and the impact Raul Jimenez has had on the team since he arrived at the club in the summer.

On getting ‘revenge’ following FA Cup semi-final defeat

“That would be a mistake. It’s a new game, a new challenge. Revenge doesn’t exist in football. Revenge or pay back can blind you and take you away from your focus and attention, it doesn’t help you.

“The players will not be thinking like that because it’s a new game. We’ve been facing the same opponents on numerous times this season, repeated times, and every game is a new challenge.

“It would be a mistake to think like that and we will not do it. New game, new challenge.”

On conceding more goals away from home

“We don’t change the approach away from home than at home. We have to improve. Our last games away from home have not been as good, but we have been strong at Molineux, so tomorrow let’s try for our first aim – a clean sheet, an organised team and go for the game.”

On Raul Jimenez’s impact

“Raul has quality, talent, he’s a player that every time he had his chance, because I was there in Portugal working, I faced him a couple of times, I saw quality, I saw talent, a player who works really hard and we went for it.

“We saw a lot of things, with deep analysis, and made our decision and fortunately it went well.

“He’s been very good. Since the beginning, I think he adapted very well, he was well-received by the squad. His performances and ethic of work, the way he works for the teams, and of course the goals, have all been very important for us and we are delighted that he’s going to be with us in the future.

“He’s humble. Knowing that all he achieves is with the effort of the team, he’s a humble person and a really ambitious player that wants to succeed, improve and get better.”

On his players’ motivations

“Money doesn’t run. It’s about the players, so I don’t look costs, I truly believe that after a player gets in the squad he has to prove himself, challenge himself, because it’s not about the money, it’s about the way you work.”