Group growing from experiences, says Nuno

Nuno Espirito Santo and his squad have sat down, learnt from last weekend’s semi-final heartbreak and are now prepared to get back on track at Southampton on Saturday.

The Wolves camp have had a week to learn from events at Wembley and are now fully focused on a return to Premier League action against the Saints. Nuno’s idea remains the same and the post-match process has been typically thorough for the group, who are now fully prepared for the final six games of what has been an impressive 2018/19 campaign.

On getting back up

“It’s the same process, over and over again, all the weeks. We are a team, a squad, a group of people that want to play, that want to compete. Inside the competition there’s a bad result, but that doesn’t change the approach.

“It’s our philosophy, our idea we have. All the games are important, Burnley, Man United, the semi-final, all the games we analyse, work on them and prepare for the next one. We just want to move forward, compete, grow and get better.”

On the challenge for finishing positions

“We don’t compete against anybody. It’s about us, we don’t have an opponent, we compete against all the teams in the Premier League. There are a lot of things to be decided, but for us the idea is simple, compete as best you can.

“We have to look behind, see how we did things, how we do it now and how we want to do it in the future, but always with the idea of us becoming stronger and a better team.”

On the away following at St Mary’s

“Our pack is always present in all the stadiums, tomorrow is another full house with our pack behind us, it’s amazing what they are giving to us and we are doing it together. The togetherness between squad and fans is something that has no value, it’s so important and we are so happy.”

On Raul’s mask celebration

“What I’d like is he scores many goals. It was not disrespectful, if you look at it, it’s a cultural thing in Mexico, it was not his intention to be disrespectful to anyone. It was celebrating a real moment of joy.”