Jiménez reveling in Wolves’ family atmosphere

The team spirit at Molineux has made it easier for Raúl Jiménez to adapt to life in England, the Mexican said after making his stay at Wolves permanent.

With 15 goals – 12 of which have come in the Premier League – already in the bag during his loan spell, the striker puts his smooth transition into English football down to the family atmosphere he has experienced at Wolves.

After signing for Wolves until 2023, Jiménez spoke about the support he still receives from Mexico, as well as the bond he has created with the Wolves fans, who have swiftly taken the 27-year-old to their hearts.

On adapting to life at Wolves

“Before, I was playing in Spain and Portugal for four years, and now I’m here in my first year in England, but we all thought it was going to be more difficult.

“But with my hard work, I’ve started to give my best since the beginning of my time here and my adaptation was good.

“Everything has worked well here in Wolverhampton; I’m very happy with the city, with the people and with the club. I’m very happy and very grateful for that.”

On his goalscoring exploits

“I don’t have a favourite goal, maybe I will have to wait until the end of the season for that. I want to keep scoring because we have more matches in front of us, but so far, I’ve enjoyed all the goals I have scored and made here.

“I think I have about seven or eight goals here at home at Molineux, but I haven’t set myself any targets. I don’t think I ever have to put a target because I can do more. I always want more and can make more for the team, for me and for making my own history.

“I have that kind of ambition, my teammates have it, and those kinds of things give us confidence and give tranquillity for all of us to know that if you look beside you, you have another teammate who can make it good and can rescue you.

“If you lose one ball or do something that puts you in risk, you know all your teammates are going to be with you.”

On team spirit at Wolves

“We are like a wolf pack. We are like a very big family. Both defensively and offensively we have been very good.

“First of all, we have to have a clean sheet and then the opportunities in front are going to appear and we have to take it.”

On support from Mexico

“I know that in Mexico a lot of people follow me, and since I’ve arrived here I think a lot of people have started following Wolves in the Premier League.

“I’m very happy for the team, because Wolves are a big team in England and we’re giving them that opportunity to be part of Mexico too.

“I’m also very happy to see the fans at Molineux with Mexican flags, masks and hats because when I go onto the pitch and see them in the stands, and see them all over Wolverhampton, it’s amazing and makes me feel good.

“You might see my mask soon. Maybe the next time I score I can celebrate with it – maybe at Wembley. That would be a great opportunity, it’s a great stadium to wear it there with a goal which could seal our place in the FA Cup final.”