Nuno focused on team improvement

Nuno Espirito Santo insists he has no long-term aims for the rest of the season apart from improving and growing as a team.

Ahead of this evening’s Premier League clash with Manchester United at Molineux, the head coach says the objectives people have put on his side due to their performances this season in both the Premier League and FA Cup do not matter, as he only cares about the performances laid on by his players.

On Manchester United

“What we did before doesn’t mean anything. Of course, we should analyse the game, and if we can take advantage of some of the good things that we did and try to repeat it.

“They have everything. Very good players; a very good team.

“We know what we want to do tomorrow, but we’ll have to try it. Actions are the ones that dictate the games.”

On aims for the season

“Every game, until the end, there are a lot of things we want to fight for. We especially have a good chance to improve ourselves as a team.

“I look at aspects and things that we want to build – this is the most important part – because I think we did the work well before, so it allowed us to have this really good chance to become a better team.

“Everything is based on the idea of building a team, of having a chance to grow as a team, all the things we’ve achieved have allowed us to continue growing and continue progressing. We really have a chance to improve ourselves, but without the concern of the result.

“The table doesn’t mean anything. Many people are trying to say that you have objectives for different competitions, for European competition, but the gap doesn’t mean anything.

“What we’re trying to do is build a team and the football goes beyond the result, beyond what your trying to build for the future.

“We only care about the performance, we only care about our tasks, we’re not worrying how the game is going to finish because that can distract you.”

On importance of Raul Jimenez

“He’s an important player but all the players are important to the squad. When he’s not on the pitch we have other solutions and other options.

“Everybody is fit to start. All the players are ready.”

On Adama Traore’s performances

“He performed well. He’s another aspect that we need to improve to create solutions, for that specific position.

“Playing in different positions is one of the things he can do, but it all has to do with our shape, what we want, the idea that we have for that specific game, but being versatile helps when you have the small squad that we have.

“The versatility of the squad gives us better options.”