Boly enjoying his football at Wolves

Willy Boly admits his suspension earlier this year has made him even more determined to enjoy every moment of Wolves’ Premier League journey, ahead of the trip to Stamford Bridge.

The defender missed three matches in January after being sent off against Manchester City, but has put in typically consistent performances at the back since. He and his team mates face Chelsea on Sunday, hoping to upset the bookmakers once again, and Boly is excited for another opportunity to put Wolves’ hard work on the training pitch into action.

On enjoying his football

“Playing football is very exciting. When I got a red card against Man City and I wasn’t playing, I watched my teammates playing in the game and I said: “I want to play the game but I can’t.” That’s why I’m very excited when I get in the game, because I think I’m very lucky to play football.”

On preparing for Chelsea

“I know that Chelsea is a big team with big players. We go there, we are not afraid, but we respect Chelsea because even though they are not in a good moment, we respect them and we have to concentrate every moment in the game.

“Every game in the Premier League is very hard. We went to Huddersfield and Huddersfield is not, with all the respect I have for them, a team like Chelsea and we lost because it’s a very good team, it’s very difficult.”

On changes against Cardiff

“Every game he (Nuno) didn’t change the team, but every game he said to the guys who were not playing, they have to be ready. I’m playing every time and I said to my friends that are not playing: “Maybe next week” and that week was last week.

“I think the team was ready and the guys who got in the game did a very good job. The players are training very hard to get in the team because the team is sometimes doing well, sometimes bad, but they are always ready because we are a short squad.”

On the same preparations every week

“I think we prepared a very good game (against Cardiff). We went into the game after a bad result at Huddersfield and we tried to do the best to win the game and I think we did very well.

“When we work in the training and we go to the game and it works we are very happy, and the manager is very happy because we did what he told us in the week.

“We have to train and have to do it in the game, what we train. If it works it’s OK and if it doesn’t work we’re going to train for the next game, and it’s true.”

On being a goal threat

“I think I have an advantage - I’m tall and I have another advantage in my team, I have Joao Moutinho who is good at assists for every player and we are training every, every week, like an hour, free-kicks, corners to score. So, when I score in the game I’m very happy because training is working.”