Coady pleased to be home this weekend

After three consecutive away games, and with a response needed after defeat on Tuesday night, Conor Coady is pleased Wolves will return home to Molineux this weekend.

Since their last home game, Wolves have travelled across the country to Bristol, Bournemouth and Huddersfield, but on Saturday are back at Molineux for the first time in almost three weeks. Fully aware of the tough test Cardiff City will pose, Coady knows Wolves will be fully prepared and backed by a noisy Molineux, which has proved such an advantage this season.

On being back at Molineux

“You feel the history when you go in. We’ve not played there for a few weeks and you miss it, I’ll be honest. You miss playing at home, you miss the buzz of your own supporters being behind you.

“When Molineux gets going, and what it’s been like this year, it’s rocking and it’s an intimidating place to play for the opposition. To play there is fantastic for all of us players, we love every single minute of it.”

On listening to the manager

“Since he’s come in, he’s taken the club in a totally different direction. Him and all his staff have been remarkable in terms of how they’ve got us playing, the identity they’ve brought to the club.

"Everybody’s been listening and learning because they know all of his ideas are really good. The club has gone in a really good direction and a lot of it is down to him.

“It’s massively important to listen to your manager and take on board his ideas. That’s what has brought success, us taking it a game at a time. Next, we focus on Cardiff which is an important game for us.”

On facing Cardiff

“I’ve played against a lot of the Cardiff boys before and they’re fantastic players. What they’ve done at Cardiff, getting promoted last year, and doing what they’ve done so far this year, has been really good.

“They’ve got a brilliant manager who has them playing a certain way, which is really tough to play against and you have to prepare right against them because they can cause you trouble.

“We’ve looked at them, we’re prepared, we’ll make sure we’ll do it right, and we’re going in to Saturday looking forward to the game.”

On the previous Cardiff meeting

“It was a disappointment, but we knew how tough it was going to be going there. We’ve learnt from that, because we were on a bad little run, but we listened to the manager and at the time we came out of it.

“We adapted a few things in term of formation and how we wanted to play, and we’ve come out of it by listening to the manager as much as we possibly could.

“We’ll look at that game from when we played them earlier in the season, but it’s different now, we’ve adapted a few things and we can’t wait for it.

“It’s a huge game for us now off the back of what was a disappointing night on Tuesday, so we need to make sure we’re ready.”