Jota on "special" win over Leicester

Diogo Jota grew up watching Premier League football on television so described playing a starring role in a top-flight classic as “special”.

The Portuguese fired a stunning hat-trick, the final goal of which came in the injury time to earn three massive points against Leicester City at Molineux. Jota has enjoyed some memorable afternoons in a Wolves shirt and the stunning victory was another one for the collection.

On an emotion day

“This is the Premier League. Every team believes until the end. We were 2-0 up at the break and after five minutes it was 2-2, so it was bad for us in that moment, but in a game like that you feel the greatest moment.

“Both teams could create chances and reach the final third very easily, that’s why there was the amount of goals today. You have to be always at your best because the other teams have quality and they can score as well.

“This is the kind of game I watched as a kid and now being part of it is a good moment for me. Like I say, in the end, when we win it is the best feeling in the world.”

On his hat-trick

“It’s really special, mainly a hat-trick, I know it’s not happened in a long time. This is the second of my career, so it’s like giving your team the win, it feels very good.”

On his late chances

“It was close to the end of the day so would probably be the last opportunity, but I got another one and I could score. At that time, we must think that it’s our last opportunity. The game was almost over.

“I was well-disturbed by the defenders, but fortunately for us it happened, another chance and I could score. You know it’s going to be our last opportunity and everyone believe that’s the winning goal, so everybody is bouncing and happy.”

On improvements to make

“It was a very open game, this amount of goals is normal in a goal like this, we could have done better, we could have not conceded after leading twice, this is football. Luckily for us we could win the game in the end.

“We have to analyse it, we were winning twice, one of them by two goals so it shouldn’t happen. In the end we win so we’re happy.”