Decision on Jimenez's Wolves future can wait, says Nuno

Nuno Espirito Santo has ruled out making a decision regarding Raul Jimenez’s future at Wolves before the end of the season.

The Mexican striker has been the focal point of the Wolves attack in the Premier League so far this season, but even though Nuno admitted Jimenez has played well during his first taste of English football, he needs to maintain his high-performance levels throughout the rest of the campaign.

The head coach has also spoken about his January transfer window plans, the difficulty of signing players during this period, as well as why he thinks ‘spygate’ is nothing unusual within football.

On Raul Jimenez’s future

“We have to make a decision when we have to make it – and that moment is the end of the season.

“For now, Raul is doing very well, and he has to maintain these levels of intensity, the high standards that he puts himself in every training session and every game for him to have good performances in the day of the competitions.

“When that day comes, we will be able to decide.”

On transfer rumours

“The transfer window is here, but to bring someone that we find appropriate takes a lot of thinking and there’s lots of decisions to make.

“At the same time, all the names that have been linked to us is a guessing game for journalists, trying to guess players who are not true.

“The way we work is clear; myself, my team and my players are only focused on the game and the club is prepared to act if we think that’s the best decision we have.”

On signing players in January

“I agree that it’s more difficult to sign players in January. You don’t have the same numbers of players available. It doesn’t make sense to bring someone in that you don’t find different to what you already have.

“The other point is knowing what you sometimes want, or the profile you want, is not available in the transfer window because they are doing well in other teams and they don’t want to sell.

“It’s the same as us. If someone comes knocking on my door and asks for some kind of player, the answer will be ‘no’, because we are building, we are trying to maintain the core, and other teams have the same approach, so it becomes very hard to make deals during this transfer window.”

On Marcelo Bielsa and ‘spygate’

“It’s something that we all know happens. Not so often here in the UK, but around the world it is something we are used to.

“It’s about staying with the law, and the other respect is the moral part of the issue. For that, I leave to the individual considerations for each and every one of us.

“I think I’ve never done it. But is something that is normal, maybe not so usual in the UK, but I’ve been places where they’ve had people lying out on rooves with cameras and all sort of things, you have to be prepared for it.”