Nuno on transfer developments

Nuno Espirito Santo is open to reinforcing his squad during the January transfer window but won’t be rushed into signing players.

While preparations are ongoing for Monday’s trip to Manchester City, Nuno was questioned on transfer activities during Friday’s press conference, but admitted he is open to bringing in new faces.

On transfer developments

“Our approach is simple, we do our homework and when things happen we announce them, until then it’s just rumours. The transfer window is open, for us to bring in someone, we must really think they can add something new to our squad. We are happy with our squad, so it’s not easy to reinforce.

“It’s normal in this territory that all the clubs, all the players are in the press. We should focus on what we have and what we can control, which is our work here at Compton and the way we approach the competition, the rest we don’t have to think about.”

On the last result

“It was very important, no doubt about it. I think it was a moment of joy, we did a good performance against a very tough team and we achieved what we wanted, which was to go to the next round. The FA Cup is there, we let it be and we prepare for the next big challenge on Monday.”

On the next game

“The next one is always the most important, but City is going to be tough, we have no doubts about it. They’re a fantastic team, with a fantastic manager and fantastic players, the way they play. We have to prepare ourselves for it.

“I know the reality of the game, the reality of football. You have to be prepared for everything, consistency is very hard to achieve through the season. They are a very good team, one of the best in the world, so there’s no doubt that on Monday they’re going to be as good as they always are.”

On the last City meeting

“I remember and can assume it was a very important moment because of the performance we achieved. It made us realise we were ready to compete in the Premier League. That was the first moment we really put our standards high and tried to maintain them. The result and performance and result were helpful at the beginning of the season, no doubt about it.

“It’s not about who you face, it’s about what you want to put on the pitch, your idea, the way you want to develop. It’s how you want to grow and how you want to do things on the pitch, that’s the philosophy we try. It’s about the approach. For us, we want to grow, build and be ready to compete, we must not change our way.”