Neves fully focused on Fulham

Ruben Neves knows Wolves will prepare for the Boxing Day visit to Fulham in the same way as every other match – despite the opposition sitting bottom of the Premier League.

Wolves head to west London on Wednesday off the back of their first defeat in four matches against league leader Liverpool, who Neves believes are the best team his side have played this season.

The midfielder is expecting a short Christmas Day with his young family as attention is fully focused on Fulham.

On Liverpool performance

“It was a tough game, but we knew that is was going to be like that. I think we gave everything, but it’s football, Liverpool is a very good team and are doing an unbelievable in the league.

“They’re one of the best teams, of course we have a lot of good teams in the Premier League, but at the moment they are the team, for me, that are playing better.

“I think we gave a very good game, unfortunately we lost, but we have to look forwards to what we’re going to have, what we’re going to find.”

On recent form

“That’s what we want every time. We want to play well and win games. I think we are in a good way, but we have a long way to go so let’s focus on the next game.”

On preparing for Fulham

“It is the same for us. We don’t think about the table, we think about the game, we think about what we have to do, and Fulham, we know already, is a very good team and it is a tough stadium to play, and we have to focus on that.

“We have to think about our game, the way we’re going to play there, and try to get the win.”

On family time at Christmas

“We have time to enjoy Christmas with our family, on this special date, but we have our work on the 26th, so we have to be fast and prepare well for the game.”