Nuno proud but wanting more

Although proud of his players for the way they stuck to their task and earned a dramatic victory at Newcastle United, Nuno Espirito Santo still wants to see improvements from his team.

Matt Doherty scored in injury time to secure Wolves’ second Premier League victory in five days and send the travelling supporters home from St James’ Park happy.

However, Nuno was not completely satisfied with what he saw from his side and believes there are still plenty of improvements to be made before next week’s clash with AFC Bournemouth.

On the performance

“It was not so good, honestly and we’ve spoken to each other. We must be proud because one thing we didn’t abandon was that we stayed with the game. We stayed with our attacks, we stayed compact, we stayed organised like a team.

“We win but the win cannot disguise things we must improve. No matter who we play, we always must maintain our standards, but we are improving, we are managing better and we stayed with our tasks.”

On playing ten men

“We can’t think when we have one more (player) it will be easier, it isn’t. It becomes much, much harder because the spaces are not there.

“It becomes a hard game, that’s why we needed a midfielder to have more control over the game. Of course, we’re happy, our fans are happy, but we have a long way to go.”

On attacking football being rewarded

“Even when we are winning, we always try to look for another goal. It’s part of what we want, always trying to build, to play, to unlock teams. Sometimes it’s not easy, today was hard because Newcastle were compact and squeezed spaces, so it required a lot of energy.

“Back-to-back wins is very difficult to achieve in such a hard competition like the Premier League, but we did it. After something so good like we achieved Wednesday, you can get distracted, but we didn’t so I’m very proud.”