Nuno Counting On Home Support Again

Nuno believes the Wolves support for their season opener against Everton on Saturday evening will have a massive effect on his side’s performance.

Wolves received unbelievable backing at Molineux during last season’s promotion-winning campaign and are back home to bring in the Premier League season.

Beginning against Everton on Saturday evening, Nuno has called on the home support to give his side more of the same levels of backing.

“We know what Molineux can give us and we have to give back,” said Nuno. “From minute one to minute 95, the support must be there because it helps the boys.

“Starting the competition tomorrow, they’re going to be very important for us because of the home factor.

“I’m going to have support, I 100 percent sure. What I must do is try to give back all this support.

“In pre-season, away games abroad, Wolves fans were there in Switzerland. I know we’ll have the support and we need them.”

Nuno’s side have impressed during pre-season and the head coach says his approach will not change, despite entering the top flight.

“My philosophy is the only thing I believe. Hard work and the way you challenge every day and every moment on trying to be better.

“It’s the way you train yourself and prepare yourself. This high demand of us all is the first step to growing to what we want to become, a better club and a better team.

“It’s not difficult because it’s the way we did it before. We did it over and over again last season.

“Players that come integrate that spirit, the expectations outside we can’t control, but it doesn’t affect us.”