Connor Gets Shirty!

Connor Ronan has revealed the secret – or not so secret any more – about his post-match shirt swap with Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne.

It was a gift for his Manchester City supporting brother!

The 19-year-old Wolves midfielder was caught on Manchester City’s tunnel cam footage receiving De Bruyne’s shirt and then looking surprised when the Belgian international asked for his in return.

Ronan has now explained how it all happened!

“Everyone else in our family are United fans but my 13-year-old brother Josh is a City fan so fair play to him for that!” he says.

“He had mentioned to my Dad that he’d love it if I could get a shirt for him after the game.

“At full time I asked Kevin De Bruyne if we could swap and he said yes so I found him again in the tunnel.

“He gave me his shirt and then asked me for mine as well which was a bit of a surprise but I was pleased to pass it on.

“To be honest I had been planning to keep it a secret until I saw Josh again but then it came out on the video!

“It’s gone out everywhere now – so I think he will know.

“I’ll pass on to him the next time we get a day off and I get back home and I am sure he will be chuffed with it.”