I’m Doing What I Love To Do

Leo Bonatini says that he is settling into life as Wolves well and he has praised his team mates for making that process easier.

The 23-year-old has started every Sky Bet Championship game so far this season and has scored two goals.


As he continues to adapt to his surroundings, the Brazilian feels that Wolves are growing in confidence with every game heading into Saturday’s trip to Brentford.


“I’m trying to enjoy myself on the pitch when I’m doing what I love to do,” he said. 


“It’s good when we have a lot of games - my team mates are helping me adapt to life here, they're very nice guys and it’s amazing to play here at Wolves. 


“It’s a good city, the people are very nice here - I’m trying to get better day by day and deep by step. 


“When we start games well, it is the first step of us gaining confidence to play. 


“We started the league at home and we did our job - we have to get as many points as we can at home, then going away there is a little less pressure. 


“We won at home and then we went to play away and we won again and that gave us confidence.


“Also, the coach and the staff are very nice and they speak with us to try to keep us calm - we won four games but now just because we lost one games it doesn't mean we are bad players over night. 


“We have to keep working, there are a lot of games during the season and we know that every game will be difficult and we have to work hard to win them.”


Bonatini was also full of praise for Wolves Head Coach Nuno Espirito Santo and his staff for their meticulous approach to every game.


He reveals that Nuno has an in-depth knowledge of every team that Wolves play, something which he feels has been a factor to the team’s success so far this season.


He continued, “We have a very good coach who knows everything about the teams that we play - he gives us the information of how we have to play, how we have the other team will play and during the game we work out our own solutions. 


“We are playing lots of games together as a team so I am getting used to how my team mates like to play. 


“I know how Bright (Enobakhare) likes to play, I know how (Diogo) Jota wants to play - Ruben (Neves), (Romain) Saiss and everyone else. We are just trying to be better every day. 


“In football, everything goes up and down all of the time - it is difficult to keep everything level for a whole season. 


“If someone tells you ‘you are the best player in the world’, you don't have to take too much notice, in the same way if someone says something bad about you, you don't have to listen too much. 


“You have to know who you are as a footballer and who you are as person. 


“I think the group has a good mentality, it’s like a family here - I think this is the way to be. 


“We continue to take it step by step, game by game - the next game is always the most important game of the season. 


“We have to prepare, keep focussed and then we will arrive at our targets.


“I am trying to help my team, I will run for them, I will show them that I am here - if they are not good today, they can trust me and if I’m not good today, I can trust them. 


“It is normal to make mistakes but we have to forget about that and try to be better on the next pass or the next shot. 


“We are a family - when I see the other guys, I know they can help me. 


“That's the right way to be and that is how we will keep our focus.”