Hard Work And Ambition

Head Coach relishing challenge with Wolves

New Head Coach Nuno Espírito Santo has vowed to build a progressive and hard-working team as he expressed his delight in taking on the challenge of pushing Wolves forward.

Nuno checked in at Compton Park and Molineux with his backroom staff yesterday ahead of facing the media today, very much looking forward to the challenge ahead.

“I feel great. - it is good to be here and the facilities are fantastic,” said the former Valencia and Porto coach.

“I am looking forward to starting working.

“I am a person that gets enthusiastic with people – I had a clear conversation with the people I met here and they convinced me.

“We have everything good here and a new project that we want to build together to make a better club.

“To progress the players , improve their performance - this is what I look forward to here and doing the best I can with my team.

“I am a face here, in front of a lot of people working – coaches and people doing their best for the club.

“I am really happy to be here, and looking forward to having a good environment on a daily basis for everyone to work.”

Although having worked at the top level of two different European leagues, the challenge of the Sky Bet Championship and Wolves was one which greatly appealed.

“The atmosphere (in England) is different from any other place in the world,” says Nuno.

“But I am more concerned about Wolves and the people I have met at Wolves.

“It is a new project and there are ambitions here to build something good.

“It starts from day one, of training and then the first match, day by day.

“There is only one recipe, to work hard every day and do your best.

“I know Wolves is an historic club and I know a lot about it

“But we also want to do a new future and are looking forward to building it.

“For now though, we cannot look beyond the first day

“It is about pre-season and preparing for a hard season and putting together a squad and a team.

“This is a tough competition, the Championship is a tough competition.

“There are a lot of good teams, the characteristics of football are changing and we have to adapt.”

In terms of building a squad, Nuno says that process will now step up with Wolves looking to reshape the squad and intensify competition for places.

He also says it will all be about performance, with his team selections not being affected by the age of players or where they have come from.

“What I look at is their work and the performance - I don’t care about their age and where they come from,” he says.

“As long as they can perform and help the team, that is what counts.

“If young players can do it then all the better for us.

“We have a lot of work to do – planning, making the right decisions, and that is based on getting opinions from everyone who can help us.

“I am not looking to exact numbers at the moment, it is just about being enthusiastic and dedicated in our work.

“As long as the level of internal competition is high, the level of the team will be better.

“We want a squad based on commitment and co-operation between everyone to compete for a place in the team and that will then improve every player.

“I am the kind of coach that first I have to know the players and make them better.

“We start to meet and get knowledge of the abilities and characteristics of each player, and

then we build a squad.

“One thing we have to have is hard work.”

Nuno has brought his regular backroom team with him for this fresh challenge at Molineux.

His assistant Rui Pedro Silva, goalkeeping coach Rui Barbosa and fitness coach Antonio Dias.

“The staff will help make Wolves a better club,” he says.

“They are hardworking people with different competencies in their own areas.

“They will give the best to us inside the club.

“We have been together a long time and have been through a lot of situations.

“We are better today than we were yesterday.”

Nuno is preparing to get to work with Wolves with appreciation of the welcome he has received from the club’s supporters.

He is also keen to continue to offer opportunities for supporters to watch the team train at Compton Park.

“What we ask from the fans is that they are enthusiastic and they support us,” he says.

“We want open training at times for the fans to come and meet players

“What I can promise to the fans, in return for their support, is hard work.

“I want to say thank you for all the messages I have received on social networks – I am really happy to be here and thanks for the messages I have got.

“I can promise hard work and we will do what we can to make the fans delighted with the Wolves team.”