Ready For Take Off

Lambert searching for consistency

Paul Lambert is confident Wolves has got everything it needs to be successful provided the club can find some consistency next season.

The Head Coach, keen to reshape and improve his squad over the summer, believes the infrastructure and fanbase is ready and waiting to take off if the team can produce the goods on the pitch.

Lambert admits it has been “inconsistent” during his first six months at the helm, but is looking forward to the task in hand of getting a full transfer window to try and help take the club forward.

"It’s a great club, with a great fanbase behind it,” says the Head Coach.

"It’s a big club, it’s got a big fanbase with the tradition and history, and it has given me an appetite for it.

"That doesn’t surprise me because I knew that side of it.

“You look at the support at Derby on Saturday, unbelievable support.

"It shows you what can happen if it can go the right way. It’s got everything there for it to take off.

"If you get success here it can be unbelievable.

"And if you get that stadium full, like the Chelsea, Newcastle, Villa games...the support is there for it.

"That drives it on. But we again have to be better on the pitch.

"You’ve got to have more attributes when we play to win games, that’s what we have to do.

“And we have to make it stronger in the summer.”

Lambert continues:  "We’ve have games we’ve not performed – and games where you’ve thought how’ve we lost that.

"But you have to eradicate that.

“We’ve had a lot of good highs, some low and just not been consistent enough.

"This league, 46 games plus your cup games, it’s a marathon. 

"You’ve got to be able to get through and sprint towards the end.

"You have good and bad moments, you just have to come through them.

‘Inconsistent’ is how I’d sum up the six months.

"We’ve had some really good highs and some lows where you think we should have done better.

"It’s just been the consistency level.”

Lambert is hoping Wolves will round off an inconsistent season on a positive note against Preston on Sunday (12 noon).

Carl Ikeme and Helder Costa are both unlikely to return, but Andy Lonergan and Matt Doherty have done a little bit of training following their recent injuries.

"Andy trained yesterday morning so we’ll see how he is, but Carl won’t be available,” added Lambert.

"Doc’s done a wee bit as well, the first time we’ve been back since Blackburn.

"Helder tried it again, but it looks as though he’s going to miss it.

"It’s a shame for Helder but you can’t risk him.

"The ankle’s still giving him bother and he’s not done anything for four or five weeks now.

"Even if he was fit it’d be a big ask to put him in with no training.

"He’s doing better than he was when he first got it."