Below The Standard We've Set

Paul Lambert expressed his disappointment after the 0-0 draw with Blackburn Rovers at Molineux.

Neither side could take control of the game and the spoils were shared after a game featuring few clear chances.

Speaking after the game, Lambert said: “It was a poor game all round.

“When never did enough to win the game, that’s for sure. We never looked like we were going to threaten the goal.

“I thought we huffed and puffed. We’re normally a team full of energy and I thought today was below the standard we’ve set.

“I didn’t think we deserved to win the game but credit to Blackburn, they’re fighting for their lives.

“It’s difficult, when you can’t go up or you can’t go down, to keep going.

“We’ve been playing really well for the last couple of months but today we fell short of what we’ve been producing.

“We’ve been in good form over the last few games, winning six in eight with a couple of draws in there. The form’s been good but you’re going to get games like that.

“You can’t do what we did at Elland Road every single week.

“We were well off it in the forward area. Never created anything or had any shots at the goal.

“There was a lack of tempo in the final third and no responsibility when we had a chance to shoot."

Wolves return to Molineux to face Huddersfield Town on Tuesday night and the Head Coach revealed that he will make changes to the squad.

“I’ll change things up," he explained before adding: “Some of these lads are running on empty, we’ve had a long hard season so I’ll make a few changes to it and freshen things up.

“I thought the team that did well at Elland Road deserved to go again. I’ve been really pleased with the form.

“If you look back to February, I think today is a game we would have lost.

“We got a clean sheet but I thought we were living on the edge a little bit.

“I’ve been involved in games before where that’s happened before and we’ve lost."

Matt Doherty was substituted early in the game after he pulled up with a hamstring injury.

When asked about the full-back, Lambert Replied: “Looks like his hamstring at the minute so we’ll see how he is.

“That comes from a lot of games through the season including the cup games.

“If it’s a pull then you think he’ll more than likely be out for the season, if it’s just a tweak then he might be okay.

“I thought George Saville did well when he went back to full back, he’s played there before for us so it wasn’t one where I thought it was a major reshuffle."