Addressing The Imbalance

Gaffer on ways to improve next season

Kenny Jackett says Wolves will need to address the imbalance in the squad over the summer months – to improve their chances in the Sky Bet Championship next season.

The Head Coach has acknowledged mistakes were made in the build-up to – and during – last season – and that injuries and “unsettled situations” with players affected the team’s chances.

He does feel that younger players thrown in weren’t perhaps ready to help the team succeed towards the top end of the Championship, but that they may well be in the future.

“It’s bad luck and bad planning, a bit of both,” Jackett says of last season, when Wolves failed to build on the previous two years’ momentum and finished in 14th place.

“Some of that has been things we should have seen, some things that we couldn’t have done anything about.

“I feel we (now) need to address the imbalance in the squad.

“We need to address that during the summer and that’s very important for us.

“We have to take responsibility and say we should have read things, maybe some faith in some young players that hasn’t quite materialised as well, in terms of them being ready.

“That’s not to say they won’t be ready in the future.

“Going away on pre-season tour last year, if I’m looking at the names that went on that tour, was that realistic for us to get into the top six of the Championship? No.

“There were injuries at that time and some unsettled situations last summer.

“We have to make sure that over the summer we get a very strong squad, a well balanced squad and a realistic squad for the division.

“We have to keep them fit through pre-season and as battle-hardened and as ready as we can, and then be mindful that we won’t have the emergency window next season.”