Rapport with fans is crucial

Lambert wants JBD to carry on clapping!

 Paul Lambert is keen to see Jon Dadi Bodvarsson lead the Viking Icelandic clap after every Wolves game – if it means they have won!

The Wolves Head Coach is a keen observer of German football and in particular the interaction between players and supporters, and loved his first experience of the Icelandic clap after last weekend’s win at Nottingham Forest.

He is very keen to keep a close bond between players and fans, including re-opening the Compton training ground to supporters once a week, and believes that can help the team both in good times and the not so good.

“It was brilliant, I love all that sort of thing,” he said of the post-match scenes from the City Ground.

“Wolves’ stadium can accommodate all that no problem, because you’ve got the end behind the goal.

“We saw it Saturday with the Bodvarsson thing which was absolutely brilliant.

“I said after the game I’d pay to watch it myself. Just do it longer! Because it’s brilliant to watch.

“Any club with a big fanbase, if there’s more interaction it’s excellent.

“The only thing I’d say is that every player does it. Bodvarsson leads it and everyone does it.

“I think the crowd bounce off it and that rapport is absolutely vital.

“So if we get more people for the home games and get the crowd right behind us it’ll be a brilliant place to play.”

Lambert continues: “The fans see Ronan and Harry (Burgoyne) playing, a couple of their own, it just fuels the whole thing and keeps that positivity at the whole club and creates an incredible atmosphere.

"I want it bright and bubbly and that rapport with the supporters.

“We had around 100 people watching us train on Tuesday, it’s important.

“All the ingredients are there, you can sense it.

“You get it your own way with different personnel,  and it could be absolutely fantastic.”