Zyro making progress

Winger hoping he is past halfway

Michal Zyro is confident he is making good progress from the serious knee injury sustained back in April – but won’t be setting any targets for his comeback.

The Polish striker suffered multi-ligament damage when on the end of a foul challenge at MK Dons, an injury expected to rule him out for a year.

That could still be the timescale – Zyro is hoping to return to some form of training in January – but he expects a few more twists and turns on the road to recovery.

“We are doing good and are closer to the finish than the beginning,” he said, in a recent interview with Wolves Player HD.

“We have completed 60 per cent of the rehab and look forward to continuing it.

“We will see what happens over the next few months because you never know with an injury like this

“You have good weeks and bad weeks so you cannot set a timescale.

“Take it step by step each day and that is the best way.

“Hopefully I will come back well - we will see.

“I don’t have targets, or a time I have to be on the pitch - it is difficult to set that.

“With physiotherapy nobody can tell you for sure what is going to happen when you recover from such a long term injury.

“We will carry on doing everything we can to move forward.”

Zyro admits it has been a difficult time given the extent of the injury, and the projected absence.

“It hasn’t been easy,” he says.

“If you understand you are out for maybe a year it is not good.

“I haven’t been out for that long before so I had to learn about the situation and give 100 per cent and be ready for the next stage.

“Football is a beautiful game, but sometimes this happens, and then you have to be strong and fight in every way you can.

“Football is my life, everything I do is for football.

“It has been difficult but I look forward now – what is past is past.

“We are in November and close to January where I might start training and then not long after that be out on the pitch.”

In the meantime the work will continue, with the medical team ticking off all the relevant boxes before moving onto the next step of rehabilitation.

“We are working on strength and conditioning exercises,” he says.

“Olympic weights, some jumps with the bar and, outside with Phil, some work with the ladders, skipping, and ball working for balance.

“Every week I progress and every day I build up my muscle power.

“I am doing the Alter G as well and am up to 90 per cent weight bearing this week.

“It won’t be long before I can start running and running outside which will be the next stage.”