Work even harder

Gaffer looking for more ahead of biggest test yet

Walter Zenga says Wolves impressive start to the season only increases the need for more concentration and hard work ahead of tomorrow’s trip to table-topping Huddersfield Town (3pm).

Zenga has only spent 25 days in the Molineux hotseat so far, but has overseen an unbeaten start to the season with four wins and two draws from six in all competitions.

That record is likely to be put to its toughest test tomorrow at a Terriers side who have ten points from their first four fixtures, and Zenga knows Wolves must maintain their standards in order to take a positive result.

“We are playing in the right way and our spirit and feeling of confidence is good,” says the Head Coach.

“The problem is we have to understand that we have to work more and be even more concentrated.

“Now everybody expects performances from us. and if we are not going to disappoint people we have to work even harder.

“I give you an example.

“It is true that we win against Cambridge and that we have Newcastle in the next round.

“But it is always true that we didn’t play 100 per cent for 90 minutes.

“Cambridge ran more than us, and I don’t like that.

“Everything comes from the mind and your vision and what you are thinking.

“We still have more than 40 games to play and there is a long way to go – we cannot forget that.

“I like to say I cannot keep calm because I am Italian and Italians are always nervous!

“Yesterday morning I had a long conversation with the team because I feel these are the important moments.

“I want us to keep out confidence. But that doesn’t have to become like going around with our noses in the air and thinking now we are strong.

“That is the time we would immediately fall down.

“We have to not forget where we have come from and where we want to arrive.

“It is a long season, a long marathon, and it is day by day, game by game, we put another brick in the wall.”

Zenga has been pleased with the start he has made but more so due to the way the players have responded in these first, hectic, weeks of the campaign.

“I am most pleased with the confidence and the trust that the players give to me,” he says.

“And the results have come.

“If they don’t give me all the things that they have we probably don’t start in the right way.

“Now the hard work really starts and the game on Saturday is a perfect game.

“We go to play the best team in the league at the moment with ten points who are also unbeaten.

“It is a hard game but will also be a good game.

“As everyone knows now my philosophy is day by day, game by game, and this game comes at a perfect time.

“After this comes the international break and the closing of the transfer window.

“We want to concentrate each day more than the last and if we work well leading up to Saturday it will be a good day.”

Zenga has no fresh injury concerns for tomorrow’s game, and is taking heart in the case of Lee Evans that the next two weeks of his absence with injury comes during the international break.

And he knows he will need all his players on form to try and put a dent in Huddersfield’s fine opening to the season.

“Huddersfield have started very well and been very impressive,” he said.

“Their style has been very nice and they have had good performances.

“They took four points against the two teams (Newcastle and Aston Villa) who are favourites this season.

“They deserve to be where they are because they play very nice football and are a good team.

“I think they finished 18th or 19th last year so they have improved a lot.

“We are also in a good moment so hopefully it will be a nice game.

“We want to play with the right mentality which we do either home or away and whoever we are against.

“It is important to be respectful of the opposition and we have studied them.

“We may have some problems but we also know the other teams are not perfect.

“The team’s attitude must be 100 per cent right with passion and what is important is what we have on the front of the shirt and not the name on the back.”


*Wolves will sell tickets for the game up until 1pm today (Friday).  After that there will be no more tickets available for the game.