Zyro Update

Phil Hayward and Kenny Jackett on the winger's injury

Wolves have confirmed that Michal Zyro will be sidelined for in the region of 12 months after the severe knee injury sustained against MK Dons on Tuesday night.

But both Head Coach Kenny Jackett and Head of the Medical Department Phil Hayward have backed the Polish winger to show the necessary character and mental strength to recover from what is a “career threatening” injury.

“In terms of the injury Michal sustained a considerable amount of damage to his knee,” said Hayward.

“He has injured his cruciate ligament, his lateral ligament and some other structures on the outside  of the knee.

“He also sustained a small fracture on the inside of the knee which gives you an indication of the force involved with the tackle – there is a lot of damage to that knee joint unfortunately.

“Michal has had the MRI scan which has revealed the extent of the injury and now we will go and see the consultant tomorrow who we have used for similar injuries in recent times.

“After that he will booked in for surgery, likely to be in a fortnight’s time, as it is easier to operate when the swelling has reduced and there is less fluid in the knee.

“It is really difficult to say how long Michal will be out for, and there is usually a more accurate timeline after the surgery has taken place.

“With an injury of this nature, where there is more than one structure involved, you are definitely looking towards the full year, perhaps even more than that.

“If he does get back within a year he will have done very well.

“Sometimes when an injury happens which is freakish and unfortunate, and it is down to luck or bad fortune, it is easier to take.

“When something like this happens, which could have been prevented, it is harder to take.

“Michal is a really strong character.

“He wasn’t in much pain when it happened which is amazing when you see the extent of his injuries and he isn’t in that much pain now.

“He is already talking about doing all the work to get back and is staying positive and he is a remarkable guy in that respect – he is very strong-willed which will stand him in good stead with his rehab.

“It is also up to everyone around him to keep him in the right frame of mind because it can’t be easy to come to a different country where he doesn’t really know anyone apart from the players and staff here.

“We will all rally around him and give him all the support that he needs.”

Head Coach Kenny Jackett re-iterated his personal disappointment with the challenge, and was asked if Wolves had received any apology from the player concerned, as well as whether there needed to be a rule change in terms of retrospective action after a serious foul is committed.

“I don’t want to hamper MK Dons’ chances of staying up and getting results in the future,” he explained.

“We just have to eradicate those types of tackles because it is career threatening and is going to put a fellow professional out for what is going to be a considerable amount of time.

“I am personally very disappointed because Michal had his leg planted on the floor and that is the worst possible situation for the tackle which came in knee high.

“You could tell straightaway that it was a bad one and he was in trouble and unfortunately over the last couple of days that has proved the case.

“I am not asking for that (an apology) – it is on his conscience what he does from here.

“My focus is on doing things professionally with the referee and the powers-that-be and then supporting the player.

 “I am very disappointed with the tackle and to say it was a red card is putting it mildly.

“For the referee to only book the player in those circumstances was surprising.

“I told the fourth official at the time that I thought it was a bad tackle and I said that to the referee at half time and then again at full time after physio had a good look at it.

“I tried to contact the referee again this morning and I am sure he will come back to me.

“I think as the Head Coach it is right for me to follow up what happened on the day and make my feelings known.

“But now we have to focus on Michal and giving him every opportunity to come back and get back in a Wolves shirt whenever that might be.

“He is a tough lad, and he will work away very hard to come back stronger and to be a very good player for Wolves.

“He is a determined character and his focus now must be on getting back.”